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Safeguard Your Business With eInvoicing via Peppol

Businesses face an ever-looming threat from cybercriminals. Add to that the perpetual struggle of chasing late invoices, which can throw cashflow into turmoil.

These worries are all too familiar which is why Payreq is working with the Australian Government and other businesses to embrace eInvoicing, via the Peppol network.

eInvoicing is a superior, more secure method for exchanging invoices. Electronic invoices are sent between accounting systems via a secure global public network – called Peppol – rather than email.

Here’s how it works: When a supplier sends you an eInvoice, it appears like magic in your accounting software. No manual data entry, no delays. It’s a faster, more efficient, and incredibly accurate way to handle invoices. The best part? It ensures timely payments – sometimes even faster than you’d expect – which is fantastic news for your cashflow.

Regardless of the software your buyers and suppliers use, if it’s connected to the secure Peppol eInvoicing network, you’re good to go.

This shift is not just about innovation; it’s a necessary step in safeguarding your business against the ever-present threat of cybercriminals. eInvoicing eliminates the use of emailed PDFs that can make your invoices and business a prime target for online fraudsters. With Peppol your financial transactions remain secure within the network, out of reach from prying eyes.

So how do you get started sending eInvoicing? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1.     Check which if your trading partners are eInvoicing-enabled. Use our Peppol look-up tool to see which clients and suppliers in your ecosystem are already Peppol-enabled. If they’re not all already there, start planning how you’ll onboard them.

2.     Choose Payreq as a certified Access Point Service Provider. The access point manages the secure exchange of the documents between your systems and the Peppol network. Businesses can choose their preferred access point to connect to any participant on the Peppol network.

3.     Test and send. Connect once to trade securely with anyone on the Peppol network.

Businesses can use eInvoicing regardless of their size or software they use. All that’s needed is that both the supplier’s and buyer’s software are connected to the Peppol network.

eInvoicing delivers efficiencies, lowers costs, and improves business relationships. It’s an easy safeguard for your business, streamlines operations, and enhances your cashflow.