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Industry use cases: SMEs

Customers call the shots. SMEs reap the benefits.

Payreq is an interaction and transaction platform that makes it easy for your customers to access invoices, receive important information, and pay bills on time – in their own private, secure-by-design digital space. SMEs across the world use Payreq to slash admin, save money and improve cashflow.

Successful SMEs share rather than send

Post and email are no longer suitable ways for SMEs and their customers to share important information or transact. Payreq lets you share documents in customers’ own secure, digital spaces. Payreq guarantees user identities and the provenance of information. SMEs use it to share:

  • Invoices and transaction details
  • Refunds and associated documentation
  • PIN numbers
  • Paystubs and personal tax information
  • Certifications
employer documents

The solution that’s way past due

SMEs get paid quicker when they give customers control over their preferences for receiving and paying bills. And we’ve got the evidence to prove it. Your customers (consumers or businesses) can simply access their account through the Payreq app or online portal. This allows them to:

  • Automate payments – using any payment method.
  • Access all documentation – historical and current (at any time).
  • Transact on preferred platforms – from Xero to banking apps.
  • Avoid email fraud – and protect their data in a private, safe space.
  • Avoid missed payments – thanks to email notifications.
  • Simplify their lives – with fewer logins and passwords.
payreq dashboard

Your cashflow – transformed

20% of consumers that use Payreq elect to automate payment of bills when they receive them (as opposed to when they’re due).

woman on laptop

Great things happen when you put customers in control of transactions

Faster payments

Get paid quicker, improve cashflow and reduce reminder volumes.

Total visibility

Track, measure and analyse interactions with your invoices.

Security and reliability

Know when documentation is delivered without spam filter, inbox delete, or lost-mail issues.

Reduced costs

Slash costs for admin, sending, data management, and more. 


Print fewer invoices and reminders and reduce delivery carbon footprint.

Happier teams

Payreq gives your accounts teams total control of transactions.

A direct line to customers

You’ll find it invaluable to have a safe space to interact with people and businesses in.

Loyal customer advocates

Join the CX pioneers winning loyalty by letting customers interact and transact via Payreq.

What our customers have to say about Payreq

“Payreq has made it easy to issue digital paystubs to our 600 employees. This confidential information arrives securely, and our staff members can store their paystubs with government level security.”

— Shane Ward, Art Gallery of Ontario

“We are very happy that we have taken on Payreq. It works well. We really haven’t had any issues.”

— Glenn Fitzgerald, Willoughby City Council

Get started – in hours


It usually takes a few hours for SMEs to implement Payreq – no coding required.


It takes seconds for your customers to create their own Payreq account.


We can add or remove payment and billing options of your choice.