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The Payreq story

We’re now living in a customer-first economy. Successful businesses are empowering customers to call the shots — across purchase journeys and throughout relationships. But the customer experience of receiving bills, making payments, and accessing important transaction documentation has been neglected for too long. Until now.

Our journey

Payreq emerged in 2015 from a think tank about the future of invoicing. The company launched its secure-by-design digital delivery platform to improve billing and information-sharing between organizations and consumers.

Since then, we have continued to realize the potential of our platform – branching into North America with an employee communications service that has transformed payroll operations for large enterprises with transient workforces.

Payreq has continued growing and improving. Having integrated with a range of accounting software and payment gateways, Payreq has become the leading platform of its kind in the world.

Our expert team

Our team of billing & payment specialists, developers and communication experts is spread across the world. We have offices in Australia, New Zealand and Canada – with new offices in the UK and US coming soon.

Total transaction control

Set & forget

Define your preferences once. We will sort and store the bills for you.

Never miss a bill

Get email notifications and access all your stored bills.

Stay safe

We digitally validate all bills to help you avoid fraud.

Pay with no hassle

Fewer logins and passwords to remember, and no need to re-key bill details

Manage your cashflow

Get better visibility to your total, upcoming and paid expenses

Take control Export bills to print, file or forward.

Update your preferences and much more.

How it works


Create your free Payreq account.


Set your preferences.


Get notified each time a bill arrives.


Check out some frequently asked questions here.