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Industry use cases: Utilities

The platform that helps utility customers pay on time

Put your customers in control of their utility bills and payments and they’ll pay sooner. Much sooner. Payreq lets you share bills, notices and other important information with customers in a secure and private space. No email links. No post. Just self-service, anytime access to documents, slashed admin costs – and faster reconciled payments.

Solve your late-payment problems

Late or missed payments, debt disputes and payment fraud cost utility companies millions of dollars every year. Payreq can help. It provides a secure platform via which to transact, and bridges the black hole between payment requests and actual payments. The result? Bills get paid faster and collection costs plummet.

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Put customers In control. Reap the rewards

20% of consumers that use Payreq elect to automate payment of bills when they receive them (as opposed to when they’re due).

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The end of email links and post

Goodbye ‘lost in the post’. See ya ‘click this email link’. Payreq provides a private digital space for you and your customers to securely share rather than send important information. It guarantees users’ identities and the provenance of information. It’s safer, faster, saves time and saves money.

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What is secure sharing?

When you share via Payreq, you’re giving recipients controlled access to important information in their own private space. From here they can self-serve, organise their documents, action requests and make payments. This is secure-by-design sharing, interacting and transacting.

Why utility customers love Payreq

Payreq gives billpayers (individuals and businesses) the right to choose where to get their billing notices and how to pay them. This is what we mean by control. They simply access their account through the Payreq app. Then they get the power to:

  • Automate payments – using any payment method.
  • Access all documentation – historical and current (at any time).
  • Transact on preferred platforms – from Xero to banking apps.
  • Avoid email fraud – and protect their data in a private, safe space.
  • Avoid missed payments – thanks to email notifications.
  • Simplify their lives – with fewer logins and passwords.
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The business benefits

Faster Payments

Get paid quicker, improve cashflow and reduce reminder volumes.

Total visibility

Track, measure and analyse interactions with your invoices.

Security and reliability

Know when documentation is delivered without spam filter, inbox delete, or lost-mail issues.

Reduced costs

Slash costs for admin, sending, data management, and more. 


Print fewer invoices and reminders and reduce delivery carbon footprint.

Happier teams

Payreq gives your accounts teams (not just ratepayers) total control of transactions.

A direct line to customers

You’ll find it invaluable to have a safe space to interact with people and businesses in.

Loyal customer advocates

Join the CX pioneers winning loyalty by letting customers interact and transact via Payreq.

Payments made easy for your customers

We manage payments on your behalf so you can avoid storing your customers’ card details and chasing after declined transactions. And to make it easy for your customers to pay you, we support over 20 card payment gateways:

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Align billing channels to customer needs.

With Payreq you get access to all the billing channels that suit your customers’ preferences best. The platform is payment  agnostic, built for flexibility and customer convenience, accommodating:

What utility companies have said about Payreq…

“When our BPAY View connection provider cancelled their service, we needed to respond in less than 6 weeks to avoid massive disruption. We were surprised at how easy the Payreq implementation was. Their platform interfaces and team supported all the options we needed to cutover without any dev work, just a test cycle. And our customers never noticed.”

— Abdul Malik – YarraValley Water

“Payreq’s platform reduces risk of privacy breach, misdirection, and delay in payment. Our cashflow rate has improved from 25 days to 9 days. We are also seeing cost benefits with reduction in paper use.”

— Praveen Gunasekaran, South East Water

Rapid deployment. Easy adjustment.

It takes one or two days to get you up and running on Payreq – no coding required.

It takes seconds for your customers to create their own Payreq account.

We can add or remove payment and billing options of your choice, anytime.