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Mailhouse partnerships

Add digital billing to your offer – with a trusted partner

The needs of mailhouse customers are evolving fast. Meet them by adding digital billing to your offer. No capital investment required!

A huge commercial opportunity

As a mailhouse, you’re in pole position to solve all your customers’ billing challenges and cement a reputation as an innovative, forward-looking partner. It couldn’t be easier to incorporate the Payreq interactions and transactions platform to your service offer.

A simple integration

Payreq works with any mailhouse to extend digital delivery capabilities. It makes perfect sense to bring an industry-leader into your offer rather than invest in the development of new technology and processes yourself. 

The right mix for your clients

Digital invoices

Give your clients the option to share digital invoices with their customers via the Payreq app. Or keep posting printed invoices to the customers that choose to receive their bills that way. 

Banking simplicity

Empower your clients to share bills directly with their customers’ bank or credit card account. They can then make a payment without having to rekey reference or amount data. 

An email option

Your clients can outsource management of their customers’ email addresses. Or they can use Payreq to aggregate their bills and manage their customers’ contact details. 

Accounting software

Business owners can access bills and information in their accounting software. Payreq integrates with Reckon, Xero, MYOB and others. No more waiting for the bookkeeper, and no transcription errors, scanning papers or dragging pdfs.

Group accounts

Help property managers and other group account managers deal with multiple properties and accounts in their existing management software (such as PropertyMe). Streamline cash flow-cycle paperwork and manual data entry and get clients paid faster. 

Future proof your business

Being completely configurable means that adding or removing payments and billing channel options is a quick tweak away. It keeps you future proofed and up-to-date with the latest trends to offer your clients.

What some of our customers say about Payreq…

“Because they took a data stream I already had in place with my mail house, adding a new digital delivery option is just a commercial decision and they can turn it on in 10 minutes.”

— Robert Smart, City of Stonnington Council

“We just send the billing data file to our print house as usual and Payreq picks out the bills that need to be sent digitally and makes it happen. We have a secure arrangement and a great Payreq management console.”

— Brian Austin, Hornsby Council

The next step?

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