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The interaction and transaction platform that’s way past due

Introducing a new kind of billing, payments and information-access platform. Payreq provides a secure, private space in which you and each of your customers can interact. No more email links or post. Just self-service, slashed costs and faster reconciled payments.

What is secure sharing?

When you share via Payreq, you’re giving recipients controlled access to important information in their own private space. From here they can self-serve, organise their documents, action requests and make payments. This is secure-by-design sharing, interacting and transacting.


Payroll simplified

Payreq lets you automatically share digital paystubs and confidential tax documents via the secure Payreq app. Give employees anytime access to their payroll history – even after they leave your organisation. Free your teams from the cost and admin burden of handling payroll via email and post.

Billing and payments

A beyond-outstanding payments platform

Whatever your customers’ preferences for receiving and paying bills, Payreq offers complete control. They simply access their account through the Payreq app or online portal. Then, hey presto, they get the power to:

  • Automate payments – using any payment method
  • Access all documentation – historical and current (at any time)
  • Transact on preferred platforms – from Xero to banking apps
  • Avoid email fraud – and protect their data in a private, safe space
  • Avoid missed payments – thanks to email notifications
  • Simplify their lives – with fewer logins and passwords

Payments and billing control

Your customers can choose to manage their bills in their payment or accounting apps too. An ecosystem of approved partners plugs into the secure Payreq space.

Payreq’s payments secret

Guess what? 20% of consumers that use Payreq elect to automate payment of bills when they receive them (as opposed to when they’re due.) Great things happen when you give customers control.

Information sharing

The information-sharing platform

Payreq can be used to share all sorts of important information – from PIN numbers, to HR documentation, to test results. Welcome to a new era of simple, safe, compliant sharing.

Customer stories

Payreq in action

Learn what happens when customers or employees are given total control of their important information. And watch how team members (from Accounts Payable, to Payroll, to Customer Service) are being freed from all sorts of tasks and responsibilities.

How to get started


It usually takes a day or two to implement Payreq – no coding required.


It takes seconds for your customers or employees to create their own Payreq account.


Payreq can adapt to your customer and employee interaction needs.