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Eliminate the hassle and costs of snail mail

It’s never been easier to manage a super-efficient, automated print operation in tandem with your digital communications. No more siloed work streams with external mailhouses. No more managing print equipment. No more folding paper documents or stuffing envelopes.


Move step by step into the digital age

Organisations everywhere are closing print centres to enjoy the financial, productivity and customer-service advantages of digital correspondence. Our digital mailroom solution is the perfect way to transition while supercharging your print capability.

How it works

How the digital mailroom works

Payreq’s digital mailroom solution is built with Quadient’s industry-leading Impress document workflow software. Its integration with the Payreq platform produces a unique solution that lets you:


Upload the letter or form you want to share (or choose a template you’ve saved for recurring communications).


Select and define key values.


Adapt and personalise the communication if required.


Allocate for sharing via post, email or in the Payreq sharing space (depending on each customer’s preference).


Total visibility – at every stage

Track each step from print to dispatch by a postal service. For digital communications, see when documents are both delivered and viewed. Enjoy a detailed overall view of your whole operation and monitor document status on your Payreq dashboard.


Print management you can trust

After a few clicks, your postal comms can be printed (in colour or mono) and delivered by your mailhouse of choice. (Meanwhile, your other documents will be on their way to the right digital destinations.)


The benefits of a digital mailroom

Our digital mailroom solution will help your team:

Send mail wherever they happen to be working

Increase productivity while eliminating hidden costs

Streamline correspondence operations around one digital solution

Reduce human error

Boost paperless adoption

End delays and visibility issues in the physical delivery of letters

Accelerate customer response and payment cycles

Accelerate customer response and payment cycles

A solution that’s right for your organisation

Whether you’re promoting your products or services, sending statements, or managing other types of transactional mail, this is the smartest way to connect with your customers – via the channels that both suit them and your organisation.