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Industry use cases: Enterprises

The enterprise-grade customer transactions space

The Payreq platform makes it easy for your customers to access invoices, receive important information, and pay bills – on time. Passing transaction control to large customer audiences brings huge business benefits.

Secure information sharing – at scale

Innovative enterprises don’t send important information to customers – they securely share it instead. Sidestep the security and privacy issues, expense and unreliability of email links and post. Payreq guarantees user identities and the provenance of information. Enterprises use Payreq to share:

  • Invoices and transaction details
  • Refunds and associated documentation
  • PIN numbers
  • Paystubs and personal tax information
  • Certifications
  • And much more

What is secure sharing?

When you share via Payreq, you’re giving recipients controlled access to important information in their own private space. From here they can self-serve, organise their documents, action requests and make payments. This is secure-by-design sharing, interacting and transacting.

Giving customers control pays BIG

Imagine all your customers happily handling their own transactions – without needing any help from your support teams. They simply access the space they share with you through the Payreq app, and:

  • Automate payments – using any payment method.
  • Access all documentation – historical and current (at any time).
  • Transact on preferred platforms – from Xero to banking apps.
  • Avoid email fraud – and protect their data in a private, safe space.
  • Avoid missed payments – thanks to email notifications.
  • Simplify their lives – with fewer logins and passwords.

Supercharge your cashflow

One in five consumers that used Payreq elects to automate payment of bills when they receive them (as opposed to when they’re due).

Payments and billing control

Your customers (whether consumers of businesses) can choose to manage their bills in their payment or accounting apps too. An ecosystem of approved partners plugs into the safe Payreq space.

What our customers say about Payreq

“The experience adopting Payreq to deliver digital employee pay stubs was simple and amazingly quick. They’ve made it so easy. I’m using it for pay stubs and T4s for my clients. The future has arrived.”

— Ron Wells, Ron Wells Accounting

“Payreq has optimised the process of receiving, categorising and processing bills which we receive from a number of councils and utilities. What was once a manual intensive task is now a secure, digital facility.”

— Rebecca Whelan, McGrath

“Payreq’s platform reduces risk of privacy breach, misdirection, and delay in payment. Our cashflow rate has improved from 25 days to 9 days. We are also seeing cost benefits with reduction in paper use.”

— Praveen Gunasekaran, South East Water

How to get started


It usually takes a day or two to implement Payreq – no coding required.


It takes seconds for your customers or employees to create their own Payreq account.


Payreq can adapt to your customer and employee interaction needs.