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Industry use cases: Mining

The end of payroll pain in mining and manufacturing

Mining and manufacturing businesses across the world use the Payreq platform to securely share paystubs, tax forms, contracts and other important information with employees and casual workers. Welcome to a simple and secure solution to HR and payroll pain – at a fraction of your current costs.

Reach any worker at any time

Payreq makes sharing documentation with workers and paying them easy – even when they’re in remote locations or regularly move address. No more insecure email links and post. No more rigid payroll systems. Give employees control over their information in their own secure-by-design digital space, which they can access via an app.

Hand over control. Free your people.

Your Payroll and HR teams have better ways to spend their time than tracking workers down, dealing with returned mail, or answering requests for tax forms. Employees can access all their information via the Payreq app for seven years (even after they’ve left your company). You can also use Payreq to share:

  • Customer invoices and transaction details
  • PIN numbers
  • Certifications
  • And much more

A payroll revolution for mining and manufacturing businesses

Power to the people

Give workers anytime access to paystubs and employment documents via the Payreq app.

Security first

Ensure all information and personal details stay safe and compliant on Payreq servers.

Give and take

Request and access documentation from employees in a secure sharing space.

Every business should share, not send.

Privacy, security and efficiency concerns mean post and email have no place in the any industry’s payroll processes. Turn to Payreq to ensure:

  • You go above and beyond legal and privacy requirements.
  • Information is always received (no more lost post or returned mail).
  • Admin effort and cost is slashed (goodbye stuffing envelopes).
  • Processes are standardised for information sharing (for customers and employees).

What is secure sharing?

When you share via Payreq, you’re giving recipients controlled access to important information in their own private space. From here they can self-serve, organise their documents and action requests. This is secure-by-design sharing, interacting and transacting.

Why your workers will love it

  • They’ll never miss a paystub.
  • All their information (like payroll, tax details, certifications) is in one place.
  • Always accessible online or via the app.
  • Full ownership of information (stays with them even if they change companies).

How does it work?


Set up a Payreq account to manage admin permissions, employees’ details and document sharing.


Generate employees’ paystubs as PDFs – then upload them. Payreq can work with any payroll CRM.


Payreq shares each document with the relevant employee in their own secure space – then sends them a notification.


Employees can view documents via the Payreq app for up to seven years (even if they’ve left your company).

What other organisations say about Payreq…

“The experience adopting Payreg to deliver digital employee paystubs was simple and amazingly quick. They’ve made it so easy. I’m using it for paystubs and T4s for my clients. The future has arrived.”

– Ron Wells, Ron Wells Accounting

“Payreq has made it easy to issue digital paystubs to our 600 employees. This confidential information arrives securely, and our staff members can store their paystubs with government level security.”

– Shane Ward, Art Gallery of Ontario

Be up and running in hours

You can set up a Payreq payroll account in hours and be live in a day – thanks to our seamless APIs. It’s even easier for your employees, who can sign up for an individual Payreq account in a matter of minutes.