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Record-Breaking July: A Milestone Month for Payreq

We’re buzzing with excitement as we look back at the whirlwind that was July. It was quite a month, and we’re excited to share some good news from the Payreq camp.

Annual Rates Run? Check!

First off, let’s give a virtual high-five for wrapping up another round of annual rates runs for councils in Australia. Each July we help local councils across Australia securely share thousands of digital bills (or eNotices) with their rate paying customers. These runs are like our version of a marathon, and we’re always stoked to see them through.

July: A Game-Changing Month

But here’s where the excitement really kicks in. July didn’t just breeze by—it roared with success! We’re talking a whopping 41% increase in the number of documents securely shared via Payreq compared to July 2022. That’s a record we’re incredibly proud of.

Behind the Scenes Heroes

This achievement is all thanks to our amazing team. From the tech wizards perfecting our platform’s billing and payments functionality to the customer support folks ensuring smooth sailing, each member of the Payreq team played a part in this achievement.

What’s Next?

This milestone is more than just a pat on the back—it’s a glimpse into what’s possible when innovation and dedication meet. We’re not resting on our laurels, though. Our eyes are set on the horizon, ready to tackle new challenges and keep raising the bar.

Here’s to a future full of more achievements, innovation, and success—cheers to all our customers and partners.