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Payreq Mastercard

Mastercard via Payreq. Simple billing & payments.

The Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange (BPX) service allows you to send digital bills via the Payreq platform to your customers’ banking apps, where they can conveniently view, manage, then pay them. (Please note this service is only available in New Zealand at this time.)

Great for consumers

When customers transact with you via Mastercard BPX, they get easy access to all your bills in their banking app – as well as convenient reminders for when bills are due. They can also set up automated payments. This all means a great bill-paying experience for them. And a far higher likelihood of getting paid on time for you.

It’s easy to get started

Just sign up for Payreq then we’ll set Mastercard BPX as one of your payment channels for your customers. It’s an easy way of making your customers who want to pay this way happy. Meanwhile, you’ll be lowering your own bill sending and check-processing costs.

Payreq – a Mastercard BPX partner

Payreq is a certified Mastercard BPX service provider.  We can help you unlock all of the platform’s benefits. An ecosystem of approved payment partners and accounting apps plug into the safe Payreq platform. So your customers can choose to manage their bills however and wherever suits them.